Advertisement tariff of Merosandesh

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limited offer- Its only for 50$
About is an online entertainment broadcast platform that offers its own different types weekly video shows as well as most of the Nepali diasporic events throughout the world in the form of audio video format. Merosandesh brings together a number of selected videos from amateur content providers too.

If you are running any business, institution or programs aiming Nepalese Community living in Israel, advertise with us and introduce yourself to the entire Nepalese Community in the world, we help you to raise the popularity of your institution to the greater height.


1 Advertisers can provide the information regarding his special offers/ schemes through our site time to time, without any cost, after advertising once.
2 If there is any festivals or special occasions within the period of advertisement contract advertisers can convey the greetings to the concerned community free.
3 Merosandesh will help to make the advertisement display video if necessary.
4 The advertisement of our prime sponsor EVERY ADVERTISMENT will be displayed on every page.


1Nudity and vulgarity are strictly prohibited.
2TV ads & commercials should be one to five minutes in length.
3Instead of pop up video ad
4Commercials will be aired only after the payment.
5The ad will be removed within five days of the next month if the payment is not cleared.
6 The type of the ad can’t be changed, until the completion of the assignment, but the contents design (video ,info, page or image) can be changed.

Ad Tariff:

Type Description Rate
1 Main Advertisement (300*150 size)Below live channel, displayed in every page, on click video pop up display. 200NIS
2 Regular Advertisement (150*150 size) ”” ”” 150NIS
3 Rotating Advertisement (300*150 size) 5 ads will be Displayed in rotation. 100NIS

Prime sponsorship :
This is the sole sponsor of MEROSANDESH CHANNEL, only one party will sponsor us in this category. The ad & content display will be designed in such a way that it’s recognized as a prime sponsor of the site. For this it has to pay 500NIS/month to merosandesh.
1 Big display banner (310*310 size)
2 Can display up to 10 minute onclick pop up video .
3 On a one year contract sponsor can make a very attractive flash web site worth 300$ with own domain name (like freely .
4 Can put the banner on the cultural programs organized by merosandesh as a prime sponsor. 

phone: 0542036492


साहित्यसंसार ग्यालरीका भिडियोहरु इन्टरनेटमा अपलोड गरिएका, भिडियो संजाल युट्युबमा राखिएका तथा बिभिन्न श्रोत तथा माध्यमबाट प्राप्त गरिएका सामाग्रीहरु हुन् । तपाइका कुनै साहित्यिक कार्यक्रमका भिडियोहरु छन, श्रव्यदृश्यमा उपलब्ध साहित्यिक सिर्जनाहरु छन भने हामीलाई सामाग्री वा लिंक पठाउनुहोस ।